About Pharmacy

  • Your prescription drug coverage is important to your health. That’s why we’ve designed a quality pharmacy benefit that offers convenient services and many safe, effective, and cost-saving generic drugs to choose from.

    Pharmacy benefits are coordinated through our partner, Express Scripts, Inc.

    Express Scripts, Inc. recently merged with Medco Health Solutions, Inc. and the combined company will now be known as Express Scripts. The name change begins in September, 2012. Both Express Scripts and Medco names may appear until the change is complete.

  • Forms

    Express Scripts Home Delivery Mail-order form
    Order prescription drugs through the mail from Express Scripts Home Delivery.

    Health, Allergy and Medication Questionnaire
    Complete this questionnaire for all new mail prescriptions to help protect yourself against potentially harmful drug interactions and side effects. Fill out this form and mail it or submit information via our online form.

    Prescription drug reimbursement form
    Apply for reimbursement of your prescription costs.

    Oral Chemotherapy Reimbursement form
    This form is only to be used for plans that do not have out-of-network prescription coverage.

  • Understanding Your Coverage

    LifeWise members have many different drug benefit options with our plans. Learn more about how your drug benefits work.