About Live Help

  • How can I use Live Help?

    Live Help is only available for technical website help. It is not used for claims, benefit, coverage or other assistance.

    Share your screen with a web support agent and surf the site together. It's helpful, easy and quick!

    What will the other person see?

    Please close any sensitive or confidential documents or files that appear on your desktop before connecting with the web support agent to ensure your privacy. Our web support agents can only see the web page you are viewing. Web support agents are only able to view what you have on your main computer screen.

    How do I do turn Co-Browsing off?

    Click the "Disconnect" button in the Co-Browsing window or just close your browser.

    What do I need to start Co-Browsing?

    You simply need a web browser and Java. Java is pre-installed on your computer. If your computer doesn't have Java, you can install it for free by clicking here.

    Is Co-Browsing secure?

    Yes, Co-Browsing is safe, secure and reliable. Every Co-Browsing session is encrypted and web support agents are limited to viewing only the web pages you have open. In addition, no Co-Browsing sessions are recorded and no personal data is kept by the web support agent.

    Can the other person see exactly what I am seeing?

    The web support agent can see your browser exactly as you are seeing it. No other part of your computer is visible. The web support agent can see any other screen on your computer.

    What can the web support service agent do on my computer?

    With your permission, the web support agent can see your screen and point to and highlight solutions. Agents do not have permissions to take control of the browser or computer and cannot change anything on your computer. Nothing is installed and at anytime you can terminate the co-browsing session.

    Who is in control?

    You are in control of Co-Browsing at all times and can disconnect by simply clicking the orange “End Session” button or closing your browser window.

    How does Co-Browsing work?

    Our agents use a browser-based technology from LiveLOOK that establishes a visual connection between two computers over the Internet. It’s completely safe and a great way to help you find the solutions you are seeking on our websites.

    Does Co-Browsing work on Mac?

    Co-Browsing works on Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers.

    How do I report issues with the service?

    Please call the technical support number provided and give us your name, date and approximate time you were engaged in a Screen Share session.

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