Admission Notification

  • Hospitals must notify LifeWise of all inpatient admissions and discharges. Most plans require prior authorization.

    How to submit your admission notification

    For admissions or facilities that require a notification, you can notify us by signing in and using our prior authorization tool or submitting an admission notification fax form.

    For more information, call 800-596-3382, option 3.

    Type of admission or facility What’s required, what you need to know
    Acute care hospital Notification required for admissions and discharges.
    Free-standing psychiatric hospital Notification required for admissions and discharges. Include medical records with the fax form for review.
    Intermediate levels of care
    Prior authorization is required instead of admission notification. You can sign in and use our prior authorization tool to submit your request. Be sure to submit medical records that support the level of care for the prior authorization request.
    Maternity Notification isn’t required for first 48 hours for vaginal delivery and first 96 hours for Cesarean delivery. Notification is required for anything beyond these time frames.
    NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Notification is required for all babies admitted to a NICU.
    Observation status admissions Notification and prior authorization aren’t required for observation stays, even if greater than 23 hours. If the patient’s status changes to inpatient, notification review is required, and medical records must be faxed to 888-742-1487 within 24 hours of admission.
    Prior authorization for planned procedures, surgeries Some planned procedures, surgeries, and other services require prior authorization and/or medical necessity review and admission and discharge notification. View our code list for requirements.