Admission Notification

  • Hospitals must notify LifeWise of all inpatient admissions and discharges. Most plans require prior authorization.

    How to submit your admission notification

    To submit an admission notification, call 800-596-3382, option 3.

    Services requiring prior authorization

    • Inpatient: non-emergency, elective, or scheduled admissions, including behavioral health and residential
    • Skilled nursing facility
    • Acute rehabilitation
    • Inpatient hospice

    Admission notification policies and procedures

    • For emergent/urgent admissions, notify LifeWise within 48 hours.
    • For maternity patients, admission notification isn't required for the first 48 hours for a vaginal delivery or the first 96 hours for a Cesarean. Inpatient stays beyond these timeframes require admission notification.
    • Babies admitted to an NICU require admission notification.
    • Elective or scheduled procedure patients must complete the admission notification process prior to being admitted.
    • Some patient admission situations make it impossible for providers to get prior authorization or notify us within the specified time period.