About Prior Authorization

    Many services require review before they are provided. Whenever possible, submit a review request before providing the service. This helps us pay claims faster with no unexpected cost to you or the member after the services are provided.

    Sometimes a service requires prior authorization. If you don't get a prior authorization, it could result in a payment penalty for you or the member. Please note that you can't submit a prior authorization request by phone.

    When a service requires pre-service review, there isn't a penalty, but we'll hold the claim and ask for medical records.

    How does it work?

    1. Find out if a code needs review

    To see if prior authorization or pre-service review is required, log in to our prior authorization tool for member-specific information. You can also view our code list to see which codes require review.

    2. Submit a prior auth request

    Submit a request using our prior auth tool. What you'll need to complete a prior auth request:

    • Member first and last name and date of birth, or member ID
    • Attachments for supporting documentation (required)
    • Expected date of service
    • Type of service
    • Place of service
    • Primary diagnosis
    • Hospital/facility
    • Requesting and/or servicing provider
    • Contact information
    • DME rental price and number of rental months or purchase price and quantity

    The tool considers the member's eligibility, coordination of benefits, and whether the plan requires authorization for the requested services. Attaching supporting documentation is required. You’ll get a reference ID number on the confirmation page.

    You can also fax a request form to 800-843-1114. Be sure to include supporting documentation (see code list for details).

    3. Check prior auth review status

    Log in to get the status of a request by member ID or reference ID. Information is available to the ordering provider, servicing provider, and facility listed on the request (by TIN).

    Note: We typically respond to your original request within 5 calendar days. It may take up to 15 days if we need additional information. As soon as we make a decision, we'll fax it to you. If we deny the request, we'll mail a detailed letter to you and the member.

    You can change a review request by fax at 800-843-1114. Be sure to include the reference ID number.

    If you have any technical issues with the tool, call 800-722-9780 or email the issue to support@lifewisehealth.com

    Types of services

    Advanced imaging, radiation oncology, sleep disorder management, genetic testing

    AIM logo

    Visit AIM Specialty Health or call 866-666-0776.

    Admission and discharge

    View prior auth details for admission and discharge notification.

    Common services that require prior auth

    We require review for major procedures or services that could be a health and safety issue for our members. This includes most planned inpatient services, some planned outpatient services, some durable medical equipment, and some in-office pharmacy services including injectables, IVs, and biologics.

    Some common services that require prior authorization include:

    • All planned inpatient stays
    • Admission to a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility
    • Admission to behavioral health residential treatment centers
    • Non-emergency and elective air ambulance services
    • Some outpatient services
    • Certain organ transplants
    • Purchase of supplies, appliances, DME, and prosthetic devices
    • Provider-administered drugs


    Use our Rx search tool to see if a drug requires prior authorization.

    Emergencies and extenuating circumstances policy

    If an emergency prevents you from getting prior authorization, you must notify us within 48 hours following onset of treatment, or as soon as is reasonably possible.

    We know situations arise that may make it impossible for you to get prior authorization before treating a patient, or to notify us within 24 hours of admission. In these situations, please contact us before submitting a claim.