Frequently Asked Questions

  • LifeWise Oregon Market Exit (updated December 3, 2018)

    LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon (LifeWise) no longer sells health plan coverage in Oregon. We do, however, provide administrative services for Timber Products Manufacturers Trust, a long-term business partner. These members and the providers who serve them continue to access LifeWise customer service, ID cards, claims processing support, case management, and other services.

    How can I join the network to care for LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon members?
    Our LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon members use the First Choice Health's network of providers in Oregon. If you aren't in-network with First Choice Health and would like to learn more about contracting with them, visit the First Choice website to see the requirements.

    LifeWise termed my contract in 2018. Does the 12-month timely filing of claims provision of our contract still apply?
    Yes, this provision and others still apply. Refer to your contract document for details.

    How can I contact LifeWise customer service for current or previous members?
    Use the number on the back of the member's ID card when you need information about our current members. You can also contact us for information on previous members.

    How long will the LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon provider website be available for claims, eligibility, and prior authorization status?
    We plan to retain our provider website and tools permanently. For any questions that you can't answer using our secure online tools, call the number on the back of the member's ID card.

    For more information, call our Provider Relations team at 800-596-3382, option 4.