Small Group Plans

  • Plans built with small business in mind!

    LifeWise offers employers with 1-50 employees a suite of metallic plans. The plans include a built-in wellness program that rewards both employees and employers for participation. All of our small group metallic plans focus on lowering costs for your clients and keeping their employees healthy.

    Maximize health, minimize costs

    Here's how our new Metallic product portfolio helps employees live healthier lifestyles, while saving employers money:

    • Rewarding healthy behaviors, at no additional cost. When employees do the right thing, both the employer and employee win. Our wellness program is designed to get everyone excited to participate and encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. Here's how:
      • Employers can save up to 5% on total monthly premiums
      • Employees can earn a $100 Visa® debit card for participating
      • You'll find everything you need to launch a successful wellness program with our employer toolkit.
    • Easy-to-use personal funding accounts. Our health savings account (HSA) and health reimbursement account (HRA) require no banking or set-up fees. Members have access to online tools to help them easily manage health expenses.
    • Savings when using a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Some of our new plans will save members money with a lower copayment when they designate and visit their PCP. Employees can choose from 12 provider types, including naturopaths. Here's an example of your savings if you were on the Passport Gold PCP Plan 1000:
      • When a member visits their doctor, they will pay a $40 copayment
      • Designating a PCP will lower their copayment to $10-saving them money and getting better coordinated care
    • Alternative care options employees want. All of our Passport plans offer optional services like acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathic care. Members have access to an extensive network of alternative care doctors.
    • A comprehensive portfolio all in one place. This includes optional pre-packaged life and disability products. We also offer a variety of dental plans that can lead to premium savings of 14%, based on participation and contribution.

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  • When you choose LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon, you get:

    • A variety of plan designs, including higher deductible plans, that offer choice and value
    • Outpatient prescription drug coverage integrated into all plans
    • Strong provider network, both regionally and nationally
    • Local, high-quality service for members, employers and producers
    • A strategic focus on wellness and members becoming engaged in their health and healthcare
    • Inclusive health support programs to help lower costs without reducing benefits
    • Tax-advantaged healthcare funding opportunities

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    Summary of Benefits and Coverage