Frequently Asked Questions About LifeWise Oregon Market Exit

  • LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon announced on April 21 that we will exit the Oregon market. See below for answers to common questions about this change.

    I recently placed clients with LifeWise Oregon. Will their contracts be cut short?

    All medical and dental plans will be honored through the plan year, which will depend on the date of the last renewal. Many groups will end coverage on December 31, 2016, but some will continue into 2017, some as late as September 30, 2017. Services for Vivacity are unaffected by this change and we will work with customers using LifeWise Assurance Company for stop-loss services to ensure a smooth transition.

    I recently presented a client their LifeWise renewal proposal. Are those proposals now void?

    No. We understand that some clients may feel they don't have time to select new carriers when they're so close to renewal. We will honor all outstanding proposals. Aside from honoring outstanding renewals, LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon is ceasing new sales to group customers. We will remain on the Exchange in the individual market through the end of the year.

    Why did LifeWise decide to leave Oregon?

    The decision came after careful and thorough consideration of current and projected market conditions in the state.

    Are you financially solvent?

    We have strong financial resources to ensure we can meet our commitments to our customers while they remain with us.

    Is my LifeWise appointment being pulled? If so, when is that termination official?

    Your appointment with LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon will remain in effect while you have clients with active LifeWise coverage, which may be as late as September 30, 2017.

    How does this decision impact any compensation my company is owed by LifeWise?

    This will not affect your compensation for current business. You will not receive any compensation for business that is no longer active.

    Has the Oregon Insurance Department approved LifeWise's actions?

    Yes. We met with the OID earlier this month and will continue to be in regular communications with the department. Our top priorities are to make sure this transition goes smoothly for customers, employers and producers.

    I have a client that is Washington-based with some Oregon employees. What will happen to their health coverage?

    This will not affect Washington-based employers. All Oregon employees of your Washington-based clients will continue to have coverage.

    What happens if providers decline to see patients with LifeWise coverage?

    This shouldn't occur. Currently contracted providers will experience business as usual from us and will continue to be paid for claims when seeing our members who have active coverage with us.