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    We care about your health, nutrition, and fitness. That's why LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon offer members special perks.

    • No extra fees!
    • Make purchases in person, over the phone, or online with your health plan ID card
    • Available to most members of LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon

    Note: Offers might not be available in all locations. Please check with the company offering the discount before making your purchase.

  • Alternative Care

    Discount: Save 10% to 30% on non-covered alternative care services from providers participating in the LifeWise Discount program.
    Use our Find a Doctor feature for easy access to a network of contracted and credentialed alternative care providers in Oregon.

    Alternative Care Services Disciplines
    The discount is applicable to the following professional services when performed by participating practitioners:

    • Chiropractic - Chiropractic offers a hands-on, holistic approach to healing using noninvasive therapies, such as manipulation to gently move and stretch joints and surrounding tissues to restore proper movement and function. Discounts apply to all chiropractic services.
    • Licensed Acupuncturists - A technique of Oriental medicine - performed only by licensed healthcare providers - in which fine needles are inserted into the body at specific points to promote and balance energy circulation. The discount includes all non-covered professional acupuncturist services.
    • Licensed Massage Therapists - Manual massage techniques promote relaxation and health enhancement, improve range of motion, loosen ligaments, reduce stress-related tension, and improve circulation. The discount includes all non-covered professional massage therapy services.
    • Naturopathic Physicians - Naturopathic medicine is a form of primary healthcare using natural therapies such as nutrition, herbs, and botanicals, as well as dietary and lifestyle counseling, and homeopathy, to stimulate the body's own natural healing powers. Emphasis is on prevention, education, and wellness. The discount includes non-covered services such as wellness visits, consultations, and physical medicine treatments.
    • Dietetic and nutrition services

    How to Use the Discount

    1. Call your selected practitioner to make an appointment. Let the practitioner know you want to use the discount and describe which scenario applies to you:
      • Services not covered under your LifeWise medical plan (e.g. massage therapy)
      • Services covered under your medical plan, but you’ve exceeded your maximum benefit coverage (e.g. you’ve reached your allowed dollar limit for the year and want to continue services)
    2. Present your LifeWise ID card at the time of your appointment, the same one you use when you visit a doctor or hospital.
    3. Pay less with the Alternative Care Services discount program. Pay the provider's billed charges, less the program discount. You are responsible for the cost of all services and products that you receive from a participating practitioner through this program

    Please note: Discounts apply immediately to complementary and alternative care provider services that are not covered by your health plan.


    Discount: Get an additional 11% off your vitamin and supplement purchase.

    DrVita offers vitamins and supplement with an exclusive line of premium quality beauty products. DrVita is committed to manufacturing the highest grade vitamins and supplements to keep you healthy inside and out!

    DrVita products:

    • Are only manufactured using plant based, non-gmo, natural ingredients and gluten free
    • Do NOT contain any toxic elements or metals like Copper, Lead, Tungsten, etc.
    • DO contain the best formulations and potency backed by science
    • Do NOT of any artificial colors or preservatives
    • Use vegetarian capsules that are easy to swallow, digest and absorb
    • Are only made by DrVita and only in the USA
    • Have a 30 day money back guarantee

    Visit today to get your extra 11% savings when you Enter Promo code HEALTH11 at checkout.




    Our members are eligible for two special options from Jenny Craig with no contract or cancellation penalties. Both include:

    • Unlimited consulting either in-center or via phone with a dedicated personal consultant.
    • Access to the full menu of over 100 items, including delicious premium frozen food. Choose your weekly with no auto ship.
    • Free shipping on your first order from Jenny Craig Anywhere.

    Option one

    • Free 3-month program + $50 in food savings with no enrollment fee and no monthly fees. Receive the food discount in $10 increments over 5 weeks.
    • No limit to the number of times you can take advantage of this program that is not offered to the general public.

    Option two

    • 50% off our premium programs, which means whatever premium program is being offered at the time, including premium food discounts.
    • The chance to earn back your enrollment fee as you hit certain milestones.

    Get started


    Call 1-877-Jenny70 to schedule an appointment for a FREE and no obligation consultation.

    *Valid for 3-month trial membership. Cost of food ($15-23/day US - $17-26/day CAN) and shipping not included. $50 in food discounts to be used in $10 increments for each minimum weekly food purchase of $152US/$173 CAN. Active program enrollment and program eligibility status required, which includes meeting with a consultant and adhering to the full Jenny Craig meal plan. Free shipping of 1st order requires purchase of 2-week full planned menu order (minimum purchase of $304US) and valid for US only. Offer valid at participating centers and Jenny Craig Anywhere. Not valid at New members only. No cash value. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. One offer per person. Restrictions apply.

    **50% discount on enrollment fee for eligible premium programs. Plus the cost of food ($15-23/day US - $17-26/day CAN). Plus the cost of shipping, if applicable. Active program enrollment and program eligibility status required, which includes meeting with a consultant and adhering to the full Jenny Craig meal plan. Free shipping of 1st order requires purchase of 2-week full planned menu order (minimum purchase of $304 US) and valid for US only. No cash value. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. Only available at participating locations and Jenny Craig Anywhere. Not valid at New members only. Restrictions apply.

    Savor Health

    Discount: Save 10% on fresh, nutritious and delicious meals designed for people with cancer.

    Savor Health offers a comprehensive range of nutrition services for people with cancer and their loved ones. Using the latest technology and research, Savor provides individually personalized nutrition solutions that meet each patient's unique needs, from prevention to survivorship. Services include individually curated information and resources, one-on-one nutrition counseling with oncology-credentialed registered dietitians and home delivery of meals tailored to individual needs and tastes. Savor is in the business of nourishing the body, mind, and spirit of people with cancer by using nutrition.

    To access your discount please call 888-721-1041 or email


    One of the nation's leading vision benefits companies, Davis Vision offers LifeWise members with substantial savings on:

    • Eye Examinations:15% off provider's usual and customary charge
    • Eyeglasses: Fixed-fee member discounted pricing with verifiable savings. Typical savings of 10% to 60% off average retail prices for lens options
    • Contact Lens Evaluation:15% off provider's usual and customary charge
    • Contact Lenses:10-20% off provider's usual and customary charge

    The discount also offers significant discounts on replacement contact lenses and Laser Vision Correction at no additional cost.

    • Mail order replacement contact lenses
    • Mail order contact lens replacement service is powered by ABB Optical Group, the nation's #1 optical distributor and 2nd largest contact lens provider. By accessing , members can easily order replacement contact lenses at significant savings and have them shipped directly to their doorstep.
    • Laser Vision Correction Discounts
      Up to 25% off of Provider's U&C or an additional 5% off of an advertised special - whichever is lower

    Learn how you can start saving on your vision care needs. Visit Davis Vision's member website and enter 2540 in the Client Code field of the Open Enrollment section, or simply go to Davis Vision discount information. You may also contact us at 800-443-5981.


    EyeMed Benefits and / or EyeMed Provider Locator

    Discount: Save up to 45% on eyeglasses at EyeMed's contracted provider locations, including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision Centers, Sears Optical, Target Optical, JCPenney Optical and other independent providers.

    Take care of your eyes with discounts on non-covered eyeglasses. Call 866-559-5252 to learn more, or visit the EyeMed Benefits and / or EyeMed Provider Locator web pages.

    Use reference number 9238510

    More Info


    • Exclusive saving up to 25% off on custom LASIK
    • More than 800 locations nationwide
    • Includes free LASIK evaluations and LASIK follow-up visits
    • Lifetime assurance options

    For questions, participating or contracting provider locations and prices, please call 877-575-2020 or visit


    Special offer: $19 enrollment fee plus one week FREE*

    Now when you join, you get the 30-minute strength-training workout that Curves is known for, plus unlimited access to all new classes that improve your balance, stability, and core strength. Our classes range from low to high intensity, which means there's always a program that works for you.

    How Curves works:

    • The Curves 30-minute full body workout helps you burn calories and gain strength with each training session
    • Curves strength training builds lean muscle and increases metabolism
    • A Curves coach is always there to train and motivate you at every workout
    • Curves is designed for women of all ages and fitness levels

    Call 800-Curves30 or visit Curves at

    *Discount applies to initial service fee. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid for one-year memberships. Only at participating locations. See club for details.

    Curves Member Discount flyer

    LA Fitness

    We are pleased to offer a discount rate when you join LA Fitness!

    Enjoy a $0 joining fee and $29.99 Premier or $39.99 Signature Club monthly dues per person for you and your family members. This offer is online only. Offer is good through March 10, 2018.

    Log in to your account to access your LA Fitness discount.

    Amplifon Hearing

    Take control of your hearing and improve your quality of life.

    Amplifon Hearing Health Care is dedicated to helping you hear better. Amplifon is with you every step of the way, with custom hearing solutions from leading manufacturers, expert care to make sure your expectations are met, and low prices negotiated on your behalf.

    It's easy to access your discounts:

    • Call 888-659-7107 to select a hearing healthcare professional at a convenient location near you.
    • A Patient care advocate will explain the Amplifon process, obtain your mailing information and assist you in making the appointment with your hearing care professional.
    • Amplifon will send information about the program and what to expect at your hearing appointment.

    With Amplifon, you'll enjoy the following:

    • Low price guarantee on hearing aids
    • 60-day trial period with money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction
    • Continuous care - one-year free follow-up, three-year warranty, and two years of free batteries
    • Convenient locations near you
    • Product choice from the leading manufacturers, including Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Starkey, Miracle-Ear, Rexton, Sonic Innovations, Unitron, and Widex

    For more information, visit or call 888-659-7107.

    Hearing Care Solutions

    Discount: Receive free annual hearing exam, fixed discounted pricing on all hearing aids, and a two year supply of batteries through Hearing Care Solutions.

    With over 37 years combined experience Hearing Care Solutions offers high quality hearing services and products at affordable prices. Take advantage of these discounts that include:

    • Free annual hearing exam
    • Free hearing aid evaluation
    • Discounted pricing on all types/styles of hearing aids (5 levels of technology)
    • Two-year supply of batteries (up to128 cells)
    • Three-year comprehensive warranty covering loss, damage and repair (available after manufacturer's deductible, which can vary, is applied. Check with HCS for details).
    • Customer support from on-staff hearing healthcare professionals

    Call HCS today at 866-444-7756 to schedule your complete hearing exam at no charge. Or, you can request information at Be sure to identify yourself as a LifeWise health plan member to take advantage this offer.



    Discount: Save up to 60% on hearing aids with TruHearing. Choose from a wide selection of the most advanced digital hearing aids, including small, virtually invisible hearing aid models and models you can control from your iPhone® or smartphone. LifeWise members save an average of $980 when they use TruHearing. Learn more about products and prices.

    Get started today:

    1. Call TruHearing at 855-544-3123.
    2. A Hearing Consultant will answer your questions, verify your insurance, and help you schedule an appointment with a provider near you.
    3. When the hearing aids arrive, you'll return to the provider for your hearing aid fitting and programming.
    4. At the appointment, you'll receive a comprehensive hearing exam and consult with the provider about the best way to address any hearing loss you might have, including hearing aids.

    BG & Company logo

    BG & Company

    Discount: Just for LifeWise members! Receive 20% off a BG Birthing Gown. The BG Birthing Gown was designed by an obstetric nurse who noted how unconfident moms-to-be felt once they arrived at the hospital to give birth and were given a thin, uncomfortable hospital gown to change into. The BG Birthing Gown is both beautiful and functional, created to keep a woman comfortable and confident during labor.

    Enter promo code EXTRA20 at checkout.


    Offer:$900 Cord Blood Banking

    Cord blood saves lives

    The five minutes it takes to save a child's umbilical cord blood and tissue could prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect your child from a growing number of life threatening diseases.

    Cord blood stem cells are now being used to treat more than 80 diseases with many more on the horizon. Cord tissue stem cells form the body’s connective tissues, including nerves, bones, muscles and ligaments. Cord blood and tissue is often discarded at birth and lost forever. But now, like so many new parents, you can safely store it for the unexpected.

    In addition, you can give the gift of cord blood preservation to your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend or other loved one.

    For more information about cord blood banking visit or call 888-882-2673.


    Discount: Save 15% on safety products for your child and home.

    Whether you're welcoming a new child into your home, or getting ready for that next developmental step, Safe Beginnings is your source for child safety products. They offer:

    • A broad array of nursery staples and baby carriers
    • Childproofing products
    • Family safety supplies
    • Developmental toys

    To start saving now, visit or call
    800-598-8911 to request a catalog.

    Please note: Your group code/coupon is LW.

  • Special information about the discounts program

    Member Discounts is a discount program only. Most, if not all, of the products and services available through Member Discounts are not covered under your health plan. Member Discounts cannot be used to reduce your costs for a product or service that is covered by your health plan and does not affect your premiums. Your costs for program services and products do not count toward calendar year coinsurance maximums, lifetime maximums and/or plan deductibles. We reserve the right to discontinue or change the Member Discounts program at any time without notice.

    Savings may vary from program to program. We make no endorsement or guarantee of the services or products offered by this program. We make no claims, promises or recommendations regarding the procedures or outcomes. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal financial and health information. We do not disclose any of your personal information with any of the participating vendors.

    These products are offered for sale to you at a discount price under the Member Discounts program. All representations and warranties, if any, regarding the products are solely those of the manufacturer. We make no claims, promises or recommendations regarding any of the products offered for sale under this program.