Welcome to your LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon EPO HSA Plan

  • LifeWise will leave the insurance market in Oregon at the end of this year. As a result, your plan will end December 31, 2016. Rest assured, we will continue to serve your health coverage needs until that time. Learn more about LifeWise leaving the Oregon health plan market.

  • 4 important things to do before you use your 2016 EPO HSA plan 

    1. Create and register your account on lifewiseor.com

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    You'll need your member ID number and suffix from your ID card. First, create an account. Then, log in and associate your account with your health plan by entering your ID number.

    Log in to find information about your plan, including in-network doctors, pharmacies, urgent care centers, hospitals, and emergency rooms. You can pay your bill or track claims and spending toward your deductible.

    Create an account

    or log in to your existing account.

    2. Create your health savings account

    To open your UMB Bank® account, complete the HSA enrollment form and mail it in.

    When you receive the UMB Bank welcome kit, log in at lifewiseor.com and use the personal funding link to begin using your health savings account.

    *On behalf of LifeWise, UMB Bank® is an independent company that provides financial services. You can open an HSA with any qualified financial institution, but LifeWise tools to manage your account only work with UMB HSAs.

    3. Find an in-network doctor

    Log in at lifewiseor.com and use the Find a Doctor tool to find a list of doctors in the Oregon EPO network.

    4. Make an appointment for an annual checkup

    It's fully covered by your health plan, and it's important for you to stay current on health screenings, tests, and vaccinations.

  • How your plan works

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  • Make the most of your plan

    Get care or advice without leaving home

    Visit a doctor without leaving home

    Your primary care doctor may offer virtual care visits by phone or online. If not, you and your eligible dependents can use Teladoc® to get treated by doctors and pediatricians by phone or online video.*

    Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication, when appropriate, for many urgent medical issues.

    To get started:

    Check your benefits to see how office visit copays and coinsurance apply to virtual care visits.

    *Teladoc® is an independent company that provides virtual medical care services on behalf of LifeWise. Teladoc operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states.

    Free 24-Hour NurseLine

    Call the free 24-Hour NurseLine anytime at 800-841-8343. The nurses can help you decide whether you should be on your way to the ER or urgent care, call your doctor in the morning, or treat the problem yourself.