Coverage While Traveling

  • Traveling in Oregon or anywhere in the U.S.-LifeWise is with you.

    As a LifeWise member, you can see any provider you want. Yet you should always first consider providers who are in our network, so that you get the highest level of benefits and pay the lowest costs when using medical services.

    Use the Find a Doctor tool to find in-network doctors, hospitals, urgent care centers, emergency room services and other providers and facilities. Or call 800-596-3440 so we can personally help you find what you need.

    Traveling outside the US?

    Let mPassport be your travel companion. Access it from your cell mobile phone, laptop or desktop to receive information to help keep you safe and healthy worldwide. Among its many features, you'll receive access to our international community of English-speaking doctors, including hospitals and clinics, in more than 180 countries. Just go to Health and Safety Tools for Travelers to learn more about mPassport before you travel.