Go Paperless

  • Sign up to receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements online

    Tired of collecting paper?

    You don’t have to when it comes to your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements. Just sign up to view your EOBs online, instead of receiving them by mail:

    • Log in to your account at lifewiseor.com 
    • Click on Personal Information under Manage My Account
    • Turn your Paperless Explanation of Benefits settings ON
      You can change your settings any time 
    • Make sure your Secure Email Notifications settings are ON and that you have provided a notification email address

    When you sign up, you will receive emails that tell you when you have a new EOB statement ready for you to access online. If you are an employee who is enrolled in the plan, you will have online access to your dependents’ EOBs if they are 12 years or younger.

    Here is a sample of the email you receive from us when you have a new Explanation of Benefits.

  • Sample Email Notification

    Subject: Claims Activity on LifeWiseOR.com

    Dear LifeWise Member,

    You have a new claim Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement ready to view on www.lifewiseor.com, your secure member website. Here’s how to view the claim:

    1. Go to your LifeWise Oregon home page, at www.lifewiseor.com
    2. In the upper right corner, Log In,  select Member and enter your user name and password to access the secure site.
    3. If the claim you're looking for is one of your last 3 claims, it is displayed on the My Account page. Select the date for that claim to access your Explanation of Benefits statement. To find past claims, select "View more claims"

    If you have problems accessing the secure site with your log-in information, please contact our technical help desk at 800-596-3440.


    The purpose of this message is only to provide information about your secure member website at www.lifewiseor.com. Please do not respond to this email.

    Are all of my EOBs online?

    You can find all of your EOBs in one place at lifewiseor.com. We save and post them here for you. Just log in to your account and view your most recent claims or search for older claims.

    Who can sign up for paperless EOBs?

    You must be 13 years or older and a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent of an employee who is enrolled in the plan to sign up for paperless EOB statements.

    Are you a Medicare Supplement member? At this time online EOB statements are not available for Medicare Supplement members.

    What’s an EOB?

    Learn more here.

    Helpful online tips

    Are you sharing your notification email with someone else?

    If you have submitted an email address that you share with someone else, others may have access to your claims notifications and information.

    Does your notification email have high-security spam-blockers?

    Add the lifewiseor.com domain to your contacts or exceptions to make sure you receive our emails.