Wellness Resources

  • Your Employees and Their Health

    At LifeWise, we believe that it takes a partnership to keep members healthy. That partnership includes a focused and efficient coverage provider, dedicated healthcare professionals, committed employers and informed members.

    Your employees spend more time at work than anywhere else. More and more employers have learned that making the investment in wellness programs reduces health-related costs significantly. Employees who are physically and mentally healthy tend to report higher job satisfaction and demonstrate increased job productivity.

    Guiding employees to make healthy choices to reduce the risk of preventable illnesses caused by inactivity, stress, overeating or smoking will require an integrated proactive strategy. Your approach may begin with sharing free health information or providing access to tools and services that will position employees to make optimal health decisions.

    Whatever the approach, LifeWise is committed to providing you with results-proven resources and tools. To gather information or obtain tools visit the featured portals.

  • Wellness Toolkits

    Build an effective wellness program utilizing easy to implement tools and strategies.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Healthier Worksite Initiative: Toolkits

    • “Turn-key” solutions to plan, implement, and evaluate worksite wellness programs. The toolkits address the four pillars of the President's HealthierUS Executive Order and more
    • General Workforce Health Promotion
    • Nutritious Eating
    • Physical Activity
    • Preventive Health Screenings
    • Healthy Choices

    American Cancer Society's Workplace Solutions

    • Tools and programs to manage the financial and personal costs associated with the detection and treatment of cancer
    • Quitline
    • Assessment and Consulting
    • Active 4 Life Online
    • Because We Care
    • Fresh Start

    Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA)

    • Guidelines and resources for comprehensive wellness program development
    • The Seven Benchmarks of Success
    • Designing Wellness Incentive Programs
    • Well City USA
    • Key Resources

    For full information and a membership application, email worksitewellness@lifewise.com

    Wellness Resources

    Raise awareness and knowledge with information and materials designed for winning worksite wellness programs.

    • The Wellness Activity Planner is a must-have tool for employers committed to providing a wide variety of wellness activities.
    • Wellness, medical self-care, and disease management for wiser healthcare decisions
    • Self-care and Wellness
    • Programs
    • Publications
    • Products

    Health Enhancement Systems

    • Health Promotion solutions for behavior change innovations
    • Products
    • Programs
    • Online applications